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Founder: John Lawrence, FCA BFP

About Guida Accountancy

“For most clients, accountancy isn’t their area of expertise – and why should it be? I can’t plaster a wall or fix a car.

So above all, clients need time and guidance from a knowledgeable accountant who’s always on their side: that they feel comfortable talking to, working with, and asking any questions they need. That’s the service Guida Accountancy provides.”

John Lawrence member of Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales

Already a successful accountant with over 30 years’ experience, John chose to start his own company following an intensely challenging period in his personal life.  

His aim was to work in line with his own deeply-held values: respect, effort, family, patience, and morality.  These values also underpin daily life at Guida Accountancy, where every client is given time and personal attention as well as trusted financial expertise – and where it’s OK to smile every now and again!

Rather than just being “the faceless accountant”, John also wanted to start a business with the personal approach of a friendly and trusted advisor.  A keen supporter of Guide Dogs for the Blind, it also felt important that he use the word “guide” somewhere in the company’s name.  

When John and his wife Carol applied to re-home another guide dog themselves in 2019, they were successfully matched with Ida.  It was love at first sight.  Through this beautiful girl, John’s two worlds collided… and Guida Accountancy was born.

John, in his own words:

Head of Mindfulness and Wellbeing: Ida Lawrence

A gorgeous Labrador/Golden Retriever cross, Ida represents the fun and relaxed side of Guida Accountancy – although that wasn’t her planned path in life.

Ida Head of Mindfulness and Wellbeing Guida Accountancy

Originally destined to be a guide dog, Ida diligently learned all the basic and home skills, passing rigorous assessments and progressing to the advanced stages of training at the centre of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Sadly, following an attack by another dog she became scared and anxious, and was withdrawn from the guide dog training programme just two months shy of her second birthday.

So Ida needed a new, permanent home: a kind one with no other dogs or young children, and where she’d be assured of regular long walks and belly rubs!

Ida found her dream home with John and Carol, and she quickly became an indispensable part of the Guida Accountancy team.  These days, Ida works closely with John to create a calm and mindful Head Office environment – a job she loves – as well as inspiring the company’s name.

Meet Ida head of mindfulness and wellbeing playing with her toy

Guide Dogs for the Blind Supporter

Guida Accountancy is a keen and regular supporter of Guide Dogs for the Blind and manage their own JustGiving page, for anyone who would like to make a kind donation to this life-changing charity.

Watch our introductory video

To find out even more about John and Ida, check out our introductory video below.

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