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Hi, I’m John Lawrence

I know there are hundreds of other things you would rather be doing than your accounts so, whether you have a small business, a start-up or a side-hustle, I will manage all that for you

Along with my trusted companion, Ida, I will support your growth and success by demystifying your numbers, and ensure you stay best friends with the taxman

Download one of my resources to help you start your business, expand your business and stay best friends with the taxman.

Starting your business is exciting and a little daunting. Understanding your numbers and your accountant will help your success. Get my A-Z of Accountancy Speak to help demystify the numbers for you.


As your business grows it will never be more important to understand your numbers. Here is my top 7 numbers every business owner should know and why you need to know them.


Tax will always play a big part in life and business. Here are my top 10 tips for the self-employed to help minimise your tax liability, whilst staying best friends with the taxman. 

What can I do for you and your business?

Starting your own business

Starting a business is both exciting and scary. It is a crucial time to get decisions right to set you on the path to success. Whether starting full time or as a side hustle, I will provide trusted business advice to help set you on your way towards the success you are working for, and minimise the scary part.

Growing your business

As your business grows your financial needs change as does your decision-making process. I work with you to provide support, helping you make the right decisions at the right time, as well as guiding you through your business numbers. Leaving you to focus on your business and what you do best.

Personal Tax and self-assessment

Tax is a complicated and ever- changing area, with large penalties for errors . By providing both corporate and personal tax services, you know you will claim what you can, and not claim what you cannot, so you don't lose sleep wondering whether the taxman has a nasty surprise for you.

Accounts & Business Advice

I know that numbers do not always make sense to a lot of business owners. Annual accounts are a requirement for most businesses but they should not be a mystery to you. I aim to demystify the numbers for you, explain what they mean, and show how we can use them to help your business succeed.

Payroll & Auto-Enrolment

Managing payroll has become a compliance nightmare for many businesses with increasing legislation, auto-enrolment duties and extra responsibilities on employers. I can take that burden and stress off your shoulders, leaving you to concentrate on running your successful business.

Bookkeeping - Software & Training

Maintaining your books can be a time-consuming exercise and using the software may be well outside your comfort zone. If you wish to do the bookkeeping yourself, I will advise you on the right software, and provide training on how to use it. Or you can outsource it, and I will take care of it all.

Meet John & Ida - The Faces of Guida Accountancy

After 30 years of employment working with clients but to a strict ‘time is money’ policy, I wanted to make a change. I wanted to give my clients the time and level of service they deserve, without forsaking my health, happiness and life values – and  without them fearing large bills at the end of it.

I set up Guida Accountancy to do just that, to transform the outdated stereotype of the grey man in the grey suit (apart from the grey hair that is). 

I was lucky that Ida came into my life, she was the final piece of the jigsaw, the perfect companion for me (though she does sleep on the job a bit too much!) and we were ready to go.

I’m Ida, a 4 year old Labrador/Golden Retriever cross.

My role at Guida Accountancy is as Head of Mindfulness and Wellbeing. I am the calming influence who maintains my dad’s grounding, wellbeing and, at times, sanity.

I came into my dad’s life in May 2019, just before my second birthday.

I started my career as a trainee guide dog. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite work out for me, but my training has not gone to waste.

I am now an integral part of my dad’s business.


Resources to help you and your business at every stage

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, just starting or looking to grow to the next level, I have written a number of blogs and articles to help you. Answering the important questions and providing hints and tips to make your business successful, whilst staying best friends with the taxman.

Starting a business - Business and personal accountants in Essex
Starting a business

Resources to help get your business idea off the ground and through that testing first year.

Business growth - Business and personal accountants in Essex
business growth

Resources to help your business growth work for you as you take that step on to the next level.

personal tax - business and personal accountants in Essex
Personal Taxation

Resources for the self-employed and small property portfolio holders. Helping you stay best friends with the taxman.


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