Meet Ida

Head of mindfulness and wellbeing

Hello, I'm Ida

I joined the family in May 2019 just before my second birthday, but it was not part of the plan for me to end up here.

I am a 3 year-old Labrador/Golden Retriever Cross. My parents were from guide dog breeding stock, Fergus my dad and Nancy my mum. I was one of 6 puppies in the litter and my future was to train and become a guide dog.

It didn’t quite work out like that though.

A guide dog in training

From the age of 6 weeks my training began, working with the trainers at the guide dog centre and my first home, learning all the basic training and home skills to enable me to progress further. 

I was regularly assessed for temperament, social skills and ability to learn but this was all part of the fun of growing up.

After 16 months I successfully made the first grade and I progressed on to the advanced stages of training, moving in with a new family and training at the guide dog centre.

Meet Ida head of mindfulness and wellbeing playing with her toy
Me, 10 minutes after I arrived at my new home, I settled in quickly!
Meet Ida head of mindfulness and wellbeing asleep on the job
One of my favourite poses

A change of career

Having made the progression, my training continued, however it was all about to change.

Trainee guide dogs are regularly assessed by vets to ensure they are healthy and have no joint or muscle problems. Trips to the vets were routine. It was on one of these trips that my life took a new turn.

As I walked in, a Collie was being led out, unfortunately for me it was still a little sedated and as I walked past it took a bite at me, a bite that went all the way through my ear.

The attack left me scared and anxious around other dogs and as a result I was withdrawn from the guide dog training program, 2 months short of my second birthday.

A new home

Once the decision is made to withdraw a dog from the training program a new home must be found for them – a new permanent home.

Unknown to me my new mum and dad were just submitting their application to rehome a guide dog. 

I needed a kind family with no other dogs or young children, one that could look after me, take me for long walks and give me lots of belly rubs!

I found one!

My new career

I moved to my new home with my new mum and dad on 10th May 2019, exactly 3 weeks before my second birthday. I settled in straight away, they made me so welcome, and provided the type of home and family that I needed.

A few months later my dad decided to start a new venture in his life – Guida Accountancy. He had a tough year or so beforehand and it was always part of my role to give him help and support. My training made sure I am a very calm and loving dog, we became the perfect match for each other.

So, I became part of the business name and took up my new career as Head of Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Guida Accountancy.

My dad and I rely heavily on each other and we are a team, working together, supporting each other the way teams should.

I love my job!

John & Ida working at the computer
Me showing dad how to use spreadsheets!
Me & my parents
Me (top) and my dad Fergus (left) and mum Nancy (right)
Guide dog puppies
June 2019. These happen to be half brothers and sisters of mine
A lovely walk
At Hadleigh Castle, Essex
Trip to Gorleston-on-Sea
One of my favourite activities - Beach, swimming and tennis ball

A bit more about me...

I love meeting people and I am always keen to accompany my dad to any meeting, though I understand this is not always possible. I can bring a smile to anyone and will offer my paw and my heart for a treat.

My hobbies include taking my dad (and mum) out for long walks, chasing my tennis ball and frolicking in the sea – with my tennis ball of course. I still spend plenty of time perfecting the sad eyes look and everyone still falls for it!

My dad and I are massive supporters of Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Though I wasn’t able to complete my training and provide this much-needed service, me and dad want to continue to support this valuable charity in the fantastic work that they do. So, if you would like to give a donation, no matter how small, please follow this link to our Justgiving page.

Thank you.