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Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company the burden of keeping on top of your annual accounts can be stressful and time consuming.

Many business owners see this as an inconvenient necessity, whether that be because it is a legal requirement for limited companies or part of the process for calculating tax for the self-employed.

But accounts can be so much more than this and should be seen as an important piece of the business jigsaw.

What can accounts do for you?

Over the years I have spoken to many business owners and there are generally 2 differing opinions on the role of annual accounts, and reasons why those opinions arise.

1. “Annual accounts are a waste of time  – all I need to know is how much profit there is and how much tax to pay”

Well that is one way to look at it I suppose.

2. “What do these accounts mean for my business”

That’s better!

For a successful business owner the accounts can say so much, but a lot of them do not understand the numbers and can be too embarassed to ask, but why should they be? 

Guiding you through the numbers

It is important for you to understand your numbers and that is why it is important for me to guide you through them, to spend time explaining what they mean, where they came from and how they may impact your decision making. 

And you should never be afraid to ask questions, it’s what I’m here for – to demystify the numbers for you

And the advice?

As a qualified chartered accountant with 25 years experience helping small businesses from start-ups to successful £million+ turnover companies, I can be on hand to help and guide you to make your business the success that you deserve it to be. 

I am only ever a phone call or email away for any assistance you need and, as part of my service I will keep in contact regularly to help with any problems or guidance you need.

Accounts and business advice | Guida Accountancy
Accounts and business advice | Guida Accountancy
Accounts and business advice | Guida Accountancy


I aim to be as transparent as possible with my fees. Therefore, I have developed a standard pricing schedule for the type and size of businesses. Please click on the link below to view.

I strive to demystify the numbers in your business

So you can use them to help you succeed

John Lawrence | member of Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales | Guida Accountancy business and personal accountants in essex

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