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Payroll & Auto-Enrolment

Payroll has become an ever increasing burden for business owners. New legislation, auto-enrolment pension duties, reporting duties to HMRC and the increasing cost of software have made the payroll process more time consuming and expensive. As always, there are penalties from HMRC and the Pensions Regulator for getting it wrong, but worse than that you may have unhappy staff to deal with!

I provide a full payroll and auto-enrolment processing service, ensuring it is all up to date with changes in legislation and that your staff receive the correct pay and pension notifications on time.

You can get on with running your business knowing it’s all taken care of.

Payroll Processing

A full processing service keeping you and your staff safe in the knowledge that the processing will be accurate and on-time

HMRC Compliant

Fully compliant with all the latest legislation requirements and you will be kept informed of any changes that affect your business


Ensuring your business is compliant with the auto-enrolment legislation and your staff are kept informed of their rights and responsibilities

What you need to do

I will take care of the processing for you but you do still have some responsibilties – sorry. So here they are:

  • Inform me of any new starters and provide their details. Don’t worry I will supply a form that is easy to complete.
  • Let me know of any leavers.
  • Tell me how much to pay them & when.

We would have a discussion beforehand anyway to sort out all the details, so we can be sure it will all be done correctly and on time.

After that, leave it to me. Well not quite, you still have to pay them.

Setting up your payroll

If you are a new employer, or just require a Director’s payroll scheme, I will set this up and register the scheme with HMRC on your behalf.

If you already have a scheme you can transfer your payroll over to me at any time, all I need is the details of the payroll from your previous advisor or software. I will take care of that too.

Processing your payroll

I will ensure you have all the details in time to pay your staff and provide you with the following information:

  • Summary reports showing the amounts to pay each staff member, a breakdown of any amounts due to HMRC and how and when to pay them, and your pension contributions under auto-enrolment
  • Payslips for each staff member (these can be emailed directly to them under password protection if you wish)
  • The journal to enter into your bookkeeping system if applicable
  • Any correspondence that need to be provided to your employees (auto-enrolment details for example)

All information will be provided to you under secure password protected email. If paper payslips are required these can be provided too.

Payroll and Auto Enrolment | Guida Accountancy | Guida Accountancy
Payroll and Auto Enrolment | Guida Accountancy
Payroll and Auto Enrolment | Guida Accountancy
Payroll and Auto Enrolment | Guida Accountancy

The headache of auto-enrolment

There is no doubt that the introduction of auto-enrolment has proved to be a huge headache for businesses, whether as a new employer or one who has previously processed there own payroll. It is very time consuming and has so many rules and regulations.

As a new employer you have a number of responsibilities:

  • To set up an auto-enrolment scheme
  • To notify all staff about the scheme at the right time with the right information, which is dependent upon their age and income
  • Enrol eligible staff at the right time
  • Ensure you calculate contributions at the correct rate
  • Supply payment information to your pension provider, along with details of new starters
  • Advise the Pension Regulator that you are acting in compliance with the legislation¬†

Yes, there is a lot to it. The number of businesses that outsource their payroll as a direct result of auto-enrolment has increased massively.

I can take all this off your shoulders as part of the overall payroll service:

  • Setting up the scheme on your behalf
  • Assessing and monitoring your staff’s eligibility on every payroll run
  • Managing postponement if applicable (something we discuss when setting up your scheme)
  • Preparing and sending auto-enrolment letters to your employees
  • Enrolling employees and making the correct deductions
  • Uploading information to your pension provider
  • Re-enrolment (a process required every 3 years)
  • Making declarations to the Pensions Regulator¬†

I will always discuss your options with you from the outset, so you know what they are and what is best for your company.


I aim to be as transparent as possible with my fees. Therefore, I have developed a standard pricing schedule for the type and size of businesses. Please click on the link below to view.

I strive to take the burden of payroll off your shoulders

Leaving you to run your business

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