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As your business grows the administration and record keeping requirements both grow and change.

Your business plan will need to adapt to an ever changing business environment, your financial needs will alter, you may take on staff and premises.

There will always be ups and downs in the life of a business.

Whatever changes, and it will change, I can help you keep on top of it all by providing you with business support services, additional help and advice as and when it is needed, so you are prepared to keep your success going.

Business plans

A business should always have a plan - Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there? A business plan helps set those goals and gives you a means of monitoring progress. It is an old saying but very true - failing to plan is planning to fail. I can help set these plans and monitor your progress with regular meetings and performance measures.

Management Accounts

As your business grows the need for regular monitoring of performance increases. Even if there is no outside reason a business should always be keeping up to date with its performance and Management Accounts can be a key part of your monitoring system. They enable you to act quickly on up to date information, perhaps to look at things that don't seem to be working as well as expected or to push products or services that are proving very popular. I can help set these up for you to do internally or offer a fully outsourced alternative. And I can analyse the results for you in a key points summary, helping you take action to keep your business successful.


Cashflow is a vital part, perhaps even the most vital part of a successful business. Profitable businesses can fail because they could not get to grips with their cashflow and simply ran out of money. It happens even to the biggest of businesses. Lenders normally like to see a cashflow forecast when making lending decisions, after all they do want to know whether you can afford to repay them, and you can't really blame them for that. Apart from the outside organisations that like them, they are very useful for you and your business. Having a good idea on whether you can afford that new equipment this year or not, when will be best to buy it, do you need to make harsh decisions when times are difficult?

Company Secretarial

As a limited company or limited liability partnership you have duties to report specific events to Companies House. An annual compliance statement is required, annual accounts and any changes to a company's ownership or management, including directors details in accordance with the Companies Act. Other forms may be required for major changes as your business grows. I offer a full, fixed price service to ensure you are always compliant so you don't need to worry.

Bank Reporting

Over recent years banks have increased their requirement for accurate and up to date reporting from their business customers. This applies even more so when they have provided finance to the business. I can provide this service to you, ensuring you meet their requirements without placing extra pressure on you. Alternatively I can assist with setting up a reporting process that you, or your staff can maintain.


Budgets perform a similar purpose and are usually linked to the cashflow forecast to give an all round picture. Banks like them too! Having a budget gives you a performance measure you can use to monitor your business and again help in the decision making process. I will work through these with you, design and produce the forecasts and budgets and provide monitoring tools for you to use. You will then understand your business, be able to make important decisions and not be running after your own tail all the time.

Regular check-ins

As your business changes I will be on hand to help you at every turn. And if I don’t hear from you for a while I will check-in with you, not as a sales pitch I promise, but just to make sure everything is ok and talk through any issues you may have.

count on us

Whatever your business needs I will be on hand to support and guide you. And if extra help is needed I have a number of professional contacts that will be able to assist, knowing that I have used their services and am happy to recommend them

Financial advice

Financial advice (pensions, life assurance, investments) requires specialist knowledge. For this reason I use a qualified advisor to help my clients.

I also recommend a wills & estate planning service, using a qualified provider. 

Both areas are becoming increasingly important and I fully recommend a free consultation.

Business support services | Guida Accountancy
Business support services | Guida Accountancy
Business support services | Guida Accountancy

I strive to keep your business on track for success

Working together for your growing business

John Lawrence | member of Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales | Guida Accountancy

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