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Getting it right from the start

Taking A step into business?

There are many different reasons for starting your own business. It is a big decision to make but once you have made it how do you set it all up? Turning your idea into a real business is the first step.

For most new business owners the world of legal responsibility and accounting is a totally foreign concept, so it is vital to get the right help from the right people.

I have helped many new start-ups over my many years as a qualified accountant, whether they be a full-time business or a side-hustle to begin with.

Getting things right from the start will help your business succeed and be prepared for growth. So I have developed a range of business start-up services to get you started.

Your business structure

As your business is being set up you have a few options for the legal structure that you use. Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company?

Which you choose is an important decision and there are a number of considerations – and not just tax.

I will discuss your business with you, as it is now and how you intend it to progress so that I can advise you on which set up is best for you. Of course what is right now may change in the future as your business grows and changes – but we’ll keep that in mind at all times.

Setting the business up

Once a structure has been agreed you need to set it in motion. There are a number of tasks to undertake and I will help you with all of these:

  • Register the business with HMRC and Companies House (if applicable)
  • Prepare a business plan (you should always have a plan), cashflow projections, budgets and forecasts
  • Consider what financing will be required and what will be the best source
  • Set up banking arrangements
  • Set up a bookkeeping system, either internal or external
  • Deal with Company Secretarial issues if applicable
  • HMRC provide some guidance on business start-ups which you can access by clicking here

Other professionals

You may need help from other professionals as you set up and grow your business. I can make recommendations with a number of contacts I have established over the years. Furthermore, I know they can deliver an excellent service to you, otherwise I would not recommend them.

Such areas that you may need help in:

main reasons for starting your own business | John Lawrnce |Guida Accountancy
Business start-up services | Guida Accountancy
Business start-up services | Guida Accountancy


I aim to be as transparent as possible with my fees. Therefore, I have developed a standard pricing schedule for the type and size of businesses. Please click on the link below to view.

I strive to set you on the right path to business success

Getting it right from the start

John Lawrence | member of Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales | Guida Accountancy