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From corporate tax services to self-assessment returns or a self-assessment check, I give you peace of mind and ensure you stay best friends with the taxman.

If you are self-employed, a business owner, or property portfolio holder you will know the UK tax system is a minefield, with complex and ever changing rules. And there are plenty of fines on offer from the taxman for all sorts of errors, missed deadlines and late payments.

Small business owners often feel they get the raw deal when it comes to tax and HMRC are harder on them than they are on big business. So is it any wonder that tax causes such a high level of stress and often bewilderment?

Knowing the tax rules, whether corporate or personal, is important for all business owners so they don’t fall foul of HMRC.

This is where I come in, providing both business and personal tax services – taking that stress off you and making sure you stay best friends with the taxman!

What is my role?

In simple terms it is to help you understand the tax implications of your business decisions, to create the most tax efficient structure for your business, to complete your tax returns on time and to notify you of all payments due.

Unfortunately I can’t go as far as paying the tax for you!

Tax advice

Tax will often be a consideration when making business decisions but, in my opinion, it should never be the main one. Any decision made must be for the benefit of the business first, structuring it correctly is where the tax consideration comes in. I will advise you on the best structure and timing to minimise your tax liability.

As tax rules change year on year, and sometimes more often than that, I will keep you informed of any changes that may affect you and your business so you are always as well informed as possible.

Dealing with HMRC

By registering as your tax agent, for personal and/or corporate taxation I can deal with HMRC on your behalf, so you don’t have to wait on the telephone when you have far better things to do.

I make sure we get the right answer to any questions we raise with them and reply to any correspondence you receive from them. Taking the stress and time away from you.

And the man down the pub...

It is the phrase many an accountant has heard over the years, “This man down the pub earns millions and doesn’t pay any tax”. Well, the man down the pub is either lying to you or to HMRC, or both.

Trust a qualified Accountant, we do know better, I promise. Would you trust the man down the pub to tell you how to do your job? Neither would I.

Business and personal tax services in Essex | Guida Accountancy
Business and personal tax services in Essex | Guida Accountancy
Business and personal tax services in Essex | Guida Accountancy

Corporate Tax Services

As part of the annual accounts I will calculate the corporation tax due and complete and file the tax return. You will receive reminders to pay the tax liability nearer the due date along with the details of how to pay it, to make sure you don’t forget to pay it.


As a sole trader or partner in an unincorporated business or a property portfolio owner, you will need to complete an annual self-assessment return. As part of completing your annual accounts I will calculate your tax liability and complete and submit your self-assessment return. You will receive reminders of what to pay, when and how to pay it. And I will always be looking for potential tax savings on your behalf.

Self -Assessment Check

Some micro and small business owners like to complete their own self-assessment returns to save the cost. I offer a checking service to give you peace of mind that your return has been completed correctly and I can advise you on errors and potential tax savings. This service only costs £50. For further details please see my blog.

handy hints to help you

Download a copy of my top 10 tax tips to help you minimise your tax liability and stay best friends with the taxman.


I aim to be as transparent as possible with my fees. Therefore, I have developed a standard pricing schedule for the type and size of businesses. Please click on the link below to view.

I strive to give my clients peace of mind with their tax affairs

Stay best friends with the taxman